Wireless Networks

Wykeham-Martin systems specialise in the engineering and installation of wireless networks that work.


How many time have you heard people say that their wireless network is slow and/or unreliable.  This is because is has not been properly planned and engineered to meet their connectivity requirements, or take into account the characteristics of the building and any outside influences that may affect performance.


We will come in carry out a site survey involving measuring expected signal levels and analyse the wireless spectrum to take properly plan tne proposed solution.


We use a number of technolgies which we select to meet your particular needs.


Becoming very popular is a meshed wireless system which has inbuilt remote management as well as providing secure public and private wireless networks on the same LAN. Users of the public network can be presented with a splash page where they have to agree to your T's & Cs before gaining access to to the internet. They are prevented from accessing the private LAN or any other clients on the network. This solution is idea for hotels, public areas, or any company wanting to give guests access to the internet while maintaining the security of their corporate network.